2nd European Set Theory Meeting – Scientific Program

The 2nd European Set Theory Meeting in honor of Ronald Jensen took place at the Mathematical Research and Conference Center, Bedlewo, Poland July 5-10 2009.

The scientific program can be found here.

The list of accepted posters can be see here.

Below are the available slides from invited talks:

  1. Descriptive set theory and dimension, Taras Banakh
  2. Covering reals by translations of a compact set, Tomek Bartoszynski
  3. Combinatorial principles, James Cummings
  4. The isomorphism problem, Mirna Dzamonja
  5. The descriptive set theory of orbit equivalence, Inessa Epstein
  6. The outer model program and quasi lower bounds, Sy Friedman
  7. Convergence and character spectra of compact spaces, Istvan Juhasz
  8. Singular cardinals in the 20th century, Menachem Kojman
  9. Rudimentary recursion and provident sets, Adrian Mathias
  10. Aronszajn trees and failure of SCH, Itay Neeman
  11. Universally Baire operations, Janusz Pawlikowski
  12. Cofinal types of ultafilters, Dilip Raghavan
  13. The core model induction, Grigor Sargsyan
  14. More mice, John Steel
  15. Classifying structures belonging to H(\omega_2): recent contributions,  Stevo Todorcevic
  16. Equivalence relations generated by profinite actions, Todor Tsankov
  17. The Jensen indiscernibles lemma: a brief history, Philip Welch
  18. The search for the ultimate enlargement of L, Hugh Woodin
  19. Products of finite sets with submeasures, Jindra Zapletal

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