11th International Workshop on Set Theory – Scientific Program

The 11th International Workshop on Set Theory took place at the CIRM, Luminy, October 4-8, 2010.

The scientific program can be found here. The list of participants can be seen here.
Minicourses were given by Ben Miller and Hugh Woodin. Notes taken by Andrés Caicedo of Woodin’s mini course can be found here here on Caicedo’s blog. Below are the available slides and abstracts:

  1. Forcing With Ultra lters and Forcing Ultra lters, Andreas Blass
  2. Combinatorics of $F_\sigma$-quotients, Joerg Brendle
  3. $G_0$-dichotomies for $\infty$-Borel sets, Andrés Caicedo
  4. The tree property revisited, James Cummings
  5. SUSIFA, a new kind of forcing axiom, Mirna Dzamonja
  6. Shelah classification and higher descriptive set theory, Sy Friedman
  7. Extensions of partial colorings on countable groups, Su Gao
  8. 2-dimensional convexity revisited, Stefan Geschke
  9. Potential Wadge classes, Dominique Lecomte
  10. On minimal cofinalities, Haike Mildenberger
  11. Descriptive set-theoretic dichotomy theorems, Ben Miller
  12. Forcing axioms and the Continuum Hypothesis, Justin Moore
  13. Countable linear orders in reverse mathematics, Itay Neeman
  14. A uni ed approach to higher Souslin trees constructions, Assaf Rinot
  15. Finitely approximable groups and actions, Christian Rosendal
  16. On the strength of (failure of) square, Grigor Sargsyan
  17. Generalisations of scattered orders, Katie Thompson
  18. On the consistency strength of the proper forcing axiom, Matteo Viale
  19. Covering arguments for the core model at small cardinals. Martin ZemanI

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