3rd European Set Theory Meeting

Organizers: J. Bagaria, M. Magidor, J. Vaananen, P. Welch

The Third European Set Theory Meeting will take place July 4 -7 2011
in Edinburgh. The meeting is now open for applications for those who
wish to attend.

The conference is funded jointly by ESF-ERCOM and the International Centre for
Mathematical Sciences in Edinburgh (with further support from the INFTY Project).
See the nascent website of the meeting.

There are limited number of places available, and according to ESF procedures, there
is a Conference Fee and an application process which asks those wishing to
attend to fill out an on-line application form here:

There is a DEADLINE for this of March 27th. Soon thereafter applicants will be notified of the outcome.
It is hoped that, as in the previous two meetings at Bedlewo, there will be the possibilities of grants to
assist with attendance of younger researchers.

[NB The ESF webform offers the possibility of applicants giving “short talks”: in fact there will not be such,
but only Invited Speakers. There will be the opportunity of a Poster Session, if colleagues wish to submit a poster.]

Invited Speakers include: (* = Unconfimed):

Kechris, Aleckos (Caltech)
Aczel, Peter (Manchester)
*Todorcevic, Stevo (Paris VII & Toronto)
*Louveau, Alain (Paris VI & CNRS)
Velickovic, Boban (Paris VII)
Rosendal, Christian (UI at Chicgo)
*Hugh Woodin (Berkeley)
Farah, Ilias (York, Canada)
Viale, Matteo (Torino)
Kanovei, Vladimir (Moscow)
*Camerlo, Riccardo (Torino)
Sinapova, Dima (UCI)
Mildenberger, Heike (Freiburg)
Brooke-Taylor, Andrew (Bristol)
Dobrinen, Natasha (Denver)
Rinot, Assaf (Tel Aviv)
Soukup, Lajos (Budapest)
*Aspero, David (Bogota)
Koszmider, Piotr (TU Lodz),
Avraham, Uri (Ben Gurion Univ.)
*Miller, Ben (Muenster)
Schindler, Ralf-Dieter (Muenster)
Schimmerling, Ernest (Carnegie-Mellon)
Plebanek, Gregorsz (Wroclaw)
van den Berg, Benno (TU Darmstadt)
Flaskova, Jana (West Bohemia in Pilsen)


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