Upcoming set theory conferences

January 23-29 Forcing in set theory, Kobe

January 29-February 4 Winter school in abstract analysis, section set theory/topology, Hejnice

February 10-11 Amsterdam workshop in set theory

February 27-March 2 Second set theory and general topology week, Bahia

March 3 Appalachain set theory, Carnegie Mellon

March 31-April 3 ASL North American Annual Meeting, Madison

April 7 Appalachian set theory, Cornell

April 30-May 4 5th Young set theory workshop, Luminy

June 1-3 Workshop in inner model theory & descriptive set theory, North Texas

June 4-8 Logic, dynamics and their interactions, North Texas

June 4-8 15th Latin American symposium on mathematical logic, Bogota

July 2-7 6th European congress of mathematics Krakow

July 8-11 Trends in set theory, Warsaw

July 12-18 Logic Colloquium, Manchester


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