Irek Reclaw

Dear all,
We are sad to share that news that our friend and colleague Ireneusz Irek Reclaw from the University of Gdansk in Poland, died on February 4, 2012. Irek was only 51 years old and he died of cancer, which took him away very rampantly.
Irek spent most of his mathematical life at the University of Gdansk, where he started as a student and ended up as a professor. He obtained 
his PhD under the supervision of Edward Grzegorek in 1988. He received his habilitation at Warsaw University in 1988 and in 2008 was granted the
title of professor of mathematical sciences by the President of Poland. He trained two PhD students, Rafal Filipow and Nikodem
Mrozek. In addition to his career in Gdansk, Irek had many national international collaborations and visits, including those to the University of Wroclaw (Poland), University of Scranton (USA), Auburn University (USA), Bar-Ilan University (Israel) and Freie Universitat Berlin (Germany). Irek collaborated in particular with T. Bartoszynski,  L. Bukovsky, K. Ciesielski, D.H. Fremlin, J. Jasinski, H. Judah, M. Laczkovich, A. Lior, T. Natkaniec,J. Pawlikowski, M. Repicky and  P. Zakrzewski.  
Irek’s main field of research was set-theoretic structure of the real line; he was also interested in measure theory and topology and in recent years was systematically studying the structure of ideals. His main results include the theorem that under CH the product of two perfectly
meager sets may not be perfectly meager. This solved a problem posed by Szpirlajn-Marczewski in 1935. Irek also showed that every Lusin set
is undetermined in point-open games. Reclaw’s recent papers dealt with ideal convergence of sequences of
reals and real valued functions. In a joint paper with Lackovich he characterized those Borel ideals on $\omega$ for which the ideal
limits of sequences of continuous functions on a Polish space X are of Baire class one. He published 37 research papers.
Irek was an important member of our community. Those of us who had the opportunity to know him personally, knew him as a generous and kind
man. He will be deeply missed by his friends and colleagues, and he will be remembered by his work in set theory.
This notice was prepared jointly by Mirna Dzamonja, Grzegorz Plebanek and Piotr Zakrsewski.

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