The 4th European Set Theory Conference

The 4th European Set Theory Conference will be held in  Mon St Benet, near Barcelona, on 15-18 July 2013.

The Conference is made possible by the generous support of the Clay Mathematics Institute (Enhancement and Partnership program), and the INFTY Research Networking Program of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The event is also made possible by the administrative and financial support of the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona (IMUB), as well as the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona.

The organizers will award 18 grants, covering registration, lodging and meals, for junior people from Eastern European and less-developed countries. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible The maximum number of participants has been set to 100, including the speakers, organizers, and grantees. So the total number of slots still available is less than 60. In order to secure a place, please register at your earliest convenience.

For further information and registration, please visit the website of the conference at

Best wishes to all for the New Year!


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