In memoriam, Mary Ellen Rudin (1924-2013)

Mary Ellen Rudin died on March 18th. She was the world’s most famous set-theoretic topologist and a great figure in mathematics. She resolved several important open questions in topology. Most famously, she was the first to construct a Dowker space, thus disproving a conjecture of Dowker’s that had stood, and helped drive topological research, for more than twenty years. She also proved the first Morita conjecture and a restricted version of the second. Her latest major result is a proof of Nikiel’s conjecture. Mary Ellen, together with her late husband Walter Rudin, symbolized the openness of mathematics, both as a subject and as a community. Together, they welcomed generations of mathematicians from all over the world to the beautiful house of mathematics, a house without walls in which everone was at home and everyone was inspired to stretch its boundaries. Mary Ellen spent most part of her working life at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where one can also find a web site devoted to her work and personality

With this notice we include a brief article by Istvan Juhasz, who was a close friend and collaborator with Mary Ellen and who shared some memories of her.
Juhasz on M.E. Rudin


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