Oren Kolman 1959-2015

We are saddened to learn of the untimely death of our fellow set-theorist and logician Oren Kolman, who died recently in Norfolk, UK. Oren was born in 1959 in Ireland, but spent much of his life in the UK, with long stays in Israel and in France. He published under names Eoin Coleman and Oren Kolman and had a prolific research career both in mathematics and in musicology. He started his doctoral work with Saharon Shelah at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but for personal reasons had to interrupt it. Some years later, after obtaining a PhD in musicology from King’s College London and a career in financial world in France, he came back to his logic PhD and wrote one under the direction of Pierre Matet at the University of Caen in France in 2010. Although he already had a large number of publications that he could have used as a thesis material, he decided to work on something entirely new for the thesis and produced a deep study of slender groups. After this he held a three-year post at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK and finally taught at the University of Cambridge. His recent work included fractured cardinals and omitting types, not all of it published, as well as a detailed review of Shelah’s book on « Classification Theory for Abstract Elementary Classes ». Oren was an inspirational teacher, remembered by many of his former students


4 thoughts on “Oren Kolman 1959-2015

  1. Ronan Coleman

    Thank you so much for your kind words regarding my eldest brother. It means a great deal at this difficult time.

    1. djhill

      I am very sad to learn this, and send my condolences to his family. I knew Oren/Eoin at King’s College, London — he was a lovely, gentle person, always willing to help.

      1. Orla Coleman

        We are so grateful for your kind words. Eoin loved teaching and engaging with his students. He would often tell me about his students as we would get together for afternoon tea in London He is missed beyond measure. Kind regards to you for the festive season Orla Coleman

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