Upcoming set theory meetings

May 29: Borel Reducibility of Equivalence Relations, Lausanne
June 20-25: Set Theoretic Pluralism – Symposium 2
June 26-30: Seventeenth Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic, Puebla, Mexico
June 27-30: 32nd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Dayton, US
July 3-7: 6th European Set Theory Conference, Budapest
July 10-14: 10th Young Set Theory Workshop, Edinburgh
July 10-14: The 15th Asian Logic Conference, Korea
July 14-25: Graduate summer school: Classification problems in ergodic theory, Irvine
July 31-August 4: Applications of model theory to operator algebras, Houston
August 2-4: A conference on the occasion of Jensen’s 80th birthday, Münster
August 7-11: Nordic Logic Summer School 2017, Stockholm
August 14-18: Boolean Algebras, Lattices, Universal Algebra, Set Theory, Topology (BLAST), Nashville
August 14-20: Logic Colloquium 2017, Stockholm
August 20-September 1: Frontiers of Selection Principles, Warsaw
September 3-9: Set Theoretic Methods in Topology and Analysis, Bedlewo, Poland
September 6-8: Descriptive set theory in Torino
September 7-12: Set theoretic & Topological methods in Model Theory, Tezpur, India
September 10-12: Homogeneous structures, permutation groups, and connections to set theory, in honour of the 70th birthday of John Truss, Leeds
September 15-17: Simon Thomas: the first 60 years, Rutgers
October 9-13: The 14th international Luminy workshop on set theory, CIRM, Marseille
November 6-9: RIMS set theory meeting, Kyoto
November 13-17: Second Pan Pacific International Conference on Topology and its Applications, Busan, South Korea


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