Mini-Symposium on Mathematical Logic, Graz

Mini-Symposium on Mathematical Logic
September 3, 2018
at the 18th European Women in Mathematics General Meeting
September 3-7 2018
University of Graz, Austria

Announcement and Call for Papers

The General Meeting of the EWM focuses on female mathematicians and
their achievements. As part of this event, the Mini-Symposium on
Mathematical Logic concentrates on recent results that demonstrate
the fruitfulness of working at the interface between different parts
of logic — that is, model theory, set theory, recursion (or
computability) theory and proof theory — or between logic and other
areas of mathematics. Our speakers therefore come from different
fields of mathematical logic and are interested in cross-connections
between their fields and areas of application such as topology,
group theory, real geometry and combinatorics. For the general
audience we are planning an introductory lecture on recent
developments in model theory and its applications to real geometry.

We invite female researchers to apply for very short contributed
talks (10-12 minutes) at the Mini-Symposium. Also, application is
now open for travel support for graduate students to participate in
the Mini-Symposium. Applications should be submitted by March 15th
2018 to receive full consideration. For more information, please
see: <> [1]

We also encourage female researchers to contribute posters to a
thematic grouping on Mathematical Logic as part of the EWM’s poster
session; please see <>

Mini-Symposium invited speakers:
Laura Fontanella (Université Aix Marseille)
Charlotte Kestner (Imperial College, London)
Salma Kuhlmann (University of Konstanz)
Heike Mildenberger (Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg)
Diana Carolina Montoya (Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna)

Organisers of the Mini-Symposium:
Carolin Antos (University of Konstanz)
Vera Fischer (University of Vienna)
Margaret Thomas (McMaster University/University of Konstanz)


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