Blast 2018, Denver

BLAST 2018

Third Announcement

August 6-10, 2018
University of Denver
Denver, Colorado<>

The deadline for abstract submission is now extended to May 31.  Please go to to submit an abstract. The registration web page will be up soon.


We are very happy to announce that the tenth installment of BLAST will take place at the University of Denver, where its inaugural meeting took place back in 2008! After a full decade of being hosted in various universities, BLAST returns to its birthplace. The BLAST Conference Series focuses on Boolean Algebras, Lattices, Algebraic Logic and Quantum Logic, Universal Algebra, Set Theory, and Set-theoretic and Point-free Topology. Its full history involves the following universities: University of Denver (2008), New Mexico State University (2009), University of Colorado, Boulder (2010), University of Kansas (2011), Chapman University (2013), New Mexico State University (2015), University of North Texas (2015), Vanderbilt University (2017). The central BLAST web page can be found here: BLAST 2018 is supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Denver. BLAST aims at bringing together researchers and students in the above-mentioned diverse areas and the scientific program will include three tutorials exposing the audience to various aspects of the these areas. There will also be seven invited lectures and contributed talks.

Dana Bartosova (Carnegie Mellon University)
Manuela Busaniche (National Scientific and Technical Research Council, Argentina)
Mirna Dzamonja (University of East Anglia, UK)
David Fernandez-Breton (University of Michigan)
Vincenzo Marra (Universita degli Studi di Milano)
Wesley Holliday (UC Berkeley)
Agnes Szendrei (CU Boulder)

Paul Gartside (University of Pittsburgh)
George Metcalfe (Universität Bern)
Drew Moshier (Chapman University)

Natasha Dobrinen (University of Denver, Chair)
Nick Galatos (University of Denver)
Wesley Fussner (University of Denver)
Gavin St. John (University of Denver)


Limited funds to support the participation of graduate students and junior researchers will be available.  Requests should be submitted during registration.

May 15, 2018: Abstract submission deadline
May 15, 2018: Conference support request deadline
June 1, 2018:   Notification to authors
August 6-10, 2018:  Conference


Please refer to the BLAST 2018 web site: <> which will be populated with more information, as it becomes available. Also, please email<> with any questions or requests.


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