Masterclass on Generalised Baire Spaces, Amsterdam

on Generalised Baire Spaces
22 August 2018 at the
Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen KNAW
Het Trippenhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(with KNAW Academy Colloquium on 23 and 24 August 2018)

In combination with the KNAW Academy Colloquium “Generalised Baire Spaces”, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is offering a one day Master Class on the topic of Generalised Baire Spaces. In classical descriptive set theory, Baire space is the most central topological space for the study of the real numbers, consisting of functions from omega to omega. Moving from omega to an uncountable cardinal kappa, one can consider *generalised Baire spaces*, the sets of functions from kappa to kappa. The study of these spaces has become a very important subject in set theory in the past decade.

The KNAW Academy Colloquium on Generalised Baire Spaces on 23 and 24 August is a meeting of the researchers of this field, exchanging the latest research results.

On the 22nd of August, we are organising a Master Class with four 2-hour courses taught by Andreas Blass, Jouko Vaananen, Andrew Brooke-Taylor, and Philipp Schlicht. This Master Class will teach the basic material needed to understand the research results discussed during the colloquium on the two following days. The following are the titles of the four classes:

Andreas BLASS. The classical theory of cardinal invariants.
Jouko VAANANEN. Generalized Baire spaces–basic concepts and motivation.
Andrew BROOKE-TAYLOR. Generalising the weak compactness of omega.
Philipp SCHLICHT. Descriptive set theory in the setting of generalized
Baire spaces.

We invite all graduate students in logic to participate in the Master class. Registration for the Master class is free, but we cannot provide any support for travel expenses and/or accommodation in Amsterdam. Space permitting, participants of the Master class are allowed to attend the colloquium lectures on the two following days.

In order to participate in the Master class, please register by sending an e-mail to Lorenzo Galeotti at


before the deadline of 15 June 2018. This e-mail should contain

(a) your name and e-mail address,
(b) your current graduate student status (including your university),
(c) name and contact details of your supervisor, and
(d) a brief (one paragraph) explanation why you’re interested in
the topic.

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