16th Asian Logic Conference, Astana (Kazakhstan), 17-21 Jun 2019

Sixteenth Asian Logic Conference
Nazarbayev University
Astana, Kazakhstan
17-21 June 2019


The Sixteenth Asian Logic Conference will be held at Nazarbayev University
Astana, Kazakhstan,17-21 June 2019. It will be the second Asian Logic
Conference since its status changed from an ASL(the Association for
Symbolic Logic)-sponsored meeting to an official ASL meeting by ASL
Council action in May 2016. The Asian Logic Conference (ALC) is a major
international event in mathematical logic. It features the latest
scientific developments in the fields in mathematical logic and its
applications, logic in computer science, and philosophical logic. The ALC
series also aims to promote mathematical logic in the Asia-Pacific region
and to bring logicians together both from within Asia and elsewhere to
exchange information and ideas.

From 1981 to 2008, the Asian Logic Conference has been held triennially
and rotated among countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The previous
meetings took place in Singapore (1981), Bangkok (1984), Beijing (1987),
Tokyo (1990), Singapore (1993), Beijing (1996), Hsi-Tou (1999), Chongqing
(2002), Novosibirsk (2005), and Kobe (2008). In 2008, the East Asian and
Australasian Committees of the Association for Symbolic Logic decided to
shorten the three-year cycle to two. The new two-year cycle began with the
meeting in Singapore (2009), and subsequent meetings have been held in
Wellington (2011), Guangzhou (2013), Mumbai (2015), Daejeon (2017).


Call for Contributed Talks

Each contributed talk should last 20 minutes including questions and
answers. If you would like to give a contributed talk, please send the
following materials as email attachments to alc2019.kz at nu.edu.kz
by May 1, 2019:

1. The title & short abstract of your proposed talk (LaTeX version +
PDF version)

2. A short resume (no more than 2 pages long) including a select
publication list

When sending your email, please:

Begin the subject line with [Talk]

Name your title/abstract files as: lastname_firstname_subject e.g.,
John_Mark_Settheory.tex, John_Mark_Settheory.pdf

Name your resume file as: lastname_firstname_resume e.g.,

After reviewing your application, we will notify you of the result by May
9, 2019.

Abstract should be prepared according to the ASL instructions using the
ASL abstract style.

Ab­stracts are pub­lished as part of the meeting reÂport in The
Bul­letin of SymÂbolic Logic only if at least one au­thor is a member
of the ASL at the time the re­port is sent for pub­lication.

Ab­stracts of contributed pa­pers sub­mitted by ASL mem­bers will be
pub­lished in The Bul­letin of Symbolic Logic, provided that they
sat­isfy the Rules for Abstracts (see above).–

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