Joel David Hamkins in Amsterdam 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11 May 2019, 10:30-17:00

On Saturday, 11 May 2019, Professor Joel David Hamkins, the Sir Peter 
Strawson Fellow at University College Oxford, is visiting Amsterdam to 
speak at the Wijsgerig Festival DRIFT on the topic of ‘Het zijn en de 
dingen’. We used this opportunity to arrange for a small informal workshop 
on mathematical logic and set theory during the day. The programme will 
contain talks by ILLC students, a presentation by Professor Hamkins, and 
plenty of time for discussions.

The meeting will take place in the Belle van Zuylenzaal (Single 421-427; 
Room C1.13) in the University Library of the Universiteit van Amsterdam 
with the following schedule:

     Robert Passmann, E-models of IZF and intuitionistic multiverses
     Sam Adam-Day, Polyhedra Completeness in Intermediate and Modal Logics
     Lunch break
     Joel David Hamkins, The modal logic of potentialism
     Informal discussions in small groups

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