Postdoc position in Logic in Udine

We are happy to announce that there is going to be a call for a post-doc position (assegno di ricerca) in mathematical logic at the University of Udine, Italy. Priority will be given to applicants whose interest overlaps with those of our group, mainly in reverse mathematics, computability theory and set theory.

The call will open on 23 September 2019 and will close on 14 October 2019. The position must start before 1st February 2020. The duration  of the position is for one year, renewable for another year.

Applicants should have a PhD degree at the time of the application.

Salary is standard for Italian post-doc positions (17157.35€ per year) and funds for research travel will be internationally competitive. The position carries no teaching load.

Udine is located in North-Eastern Italy, not far from the Adriatic sea, the Alps, Slovenia and Austria, and less than two hours by train from Venice.

Those willing to apply can contact any of us:

Best wishes, Vincenzo

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