Become a member

To qualify for a membership, you need to have a proven scientific record. Please send an email with your name, affiliation and email address to any of the Trustees to become a member. In case of student members, please additionally ask your Ph.D. supervisor to send a short email to support your membership.

Payment Options
Full Fee : €20.00EUR – yearly
Reduced Fee : €10.00EUR – yearly
Fee Waiver : €0.00EUR – yearly

The reduced fee applies to people who retired.

The fee waiver applies to Hausdorff medalists, students, people on maternity or paternity leave or currently not employed.

Donations are welcome!

Fees and donations are used to support conferences in set theory, the Hausdorff medals and the fee for the association of the ESTS with the European Mathematical Society.

We send an email to members around once a year.


2 thoughts on “Become a member

  1. Mirna Dzamonja

    Please contact Mirna, Jouko or Boban for the details of the bank account where you can pay your membership or with expressions of interest.

    1. Bill Mitchell and Jean Larson

      What is the bank account number to pay dues? I just realized that we can pay via PayPal without its costing more in fees than the dues.

      Regards, Bill


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