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 XIV edition of the conference PhDs in Logic 2023, Granada, Spain, October 4-6 2023.

There will be 6 keynote talks primarily aimed at PhD students and early career researchers. 

Keynote speakers:

  • Tomás Ibarlucía – Université de Paris
  • Jordi López Abad – UNED
  • Nina Gierasimczuk – Danish Technical University
  • Amanda Vidal – IIIA – CSIC
  • Julien Murzi – University of Salzburg
  • María José Frápolli Sanz – Universidad de Granada

All participants are encouraged to submit an abstract (1000 words). The scientific committee will decide between two possibilities: 20 minutes presentation and poster session, or poster session.  

Inscriptions are compulsory for ALL participants, but there are no inscription fees.

Student members of the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL) may apply for travel support at ASL. Note that such applications have to be submitted at least 3 months prior to the meeting.

The “Sociedad de Lógica, Metodología y Filosofía de la Ciencia” also offers support for members. 

See the webpage of the meeting for further information and do not hesitate to contact us at


Catalina Torres

Jose Santiago

Daira Pinto

Juan M Santiago


2nd Call for Nominations: Dov Gabbay Prize for Logic and Foundations (Deadline: March 1, 2023)


The ”Dov Gabbay Prize for Logic and Foundations” is an international research prize established to honour the extraordinary and multi-faceted scientific contributions of Prof. Dov Gabbay, known among others for editing an extensive collection of Logic Handbooks. It has been launched on the occasion of Dov’s 77th birthday in 2022 (Short bio:

The prize aims at rewarding outstanding researchers in Logic and Foundations, including Mathematical, Philosophical, and Computational Logic. It pays special attention to work combining – ideally – foundational insight and conceptual innovation with sophisticated theoretical analysis.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 2001 EUR and be invited to give a talk (accessible for an online audience) at a major logic centre or a logic-related meeting in 2023, depending on the recipient’s research area. Specific efforts will be made to promote the rewarded scientific work.


Each nomination of a researcher should provide a justification and list publications considered relevant.

It should also include the name, affiliation, and email address of the nominator. Self-nominations are not allowed, the nominee should not be a hierarchic superior of the nominator.

Proposals in pdf-format are to be sent to ““. The deadline for this call is March 1, 2023. Early submissions are appreciated.


The selection is made by an independent jury consisting of six internationally renowned logicians representing Mathematical, Philosophical, and Computational logic:

   Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam University/U Stanford)
   Christoph Benzmueller (University of Bamberg)
   Agata Ciabattoni (TU Vienna)
   Laura Giordano (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
   Hannes Leitgeb (LMU Munich)
   Philip Welch (University of Bristol)

The winner of the 2022 call will be announced in June 2023.


Prize and process are managed by the “Logic and Foundations Initiative (ILOAF)”, which aims at initiating and supporting scientific and educational activities in Logic and Foundations. It is currently sponsored by the Logic Community at the University of Luxembourg.

For any questions, please contact the organizing committee via

Email: dgp[at]

Pmax tutorial by Paul Larson, 10-19 January, TU Wien

Paul Larson will give a two weeks Pmax forcing tutorial from January 10-19, 2023 at TU Wien. In addition to introductory material from his handbook article, he will also present Woodin’s theorem on MM++(c) in Pmax extensions of models of ADR+Θ regular as well as ideas from the celebrated results on the failure of square (Caicedo-Sargsyan-Larson-Schindler-Steel-Zeman, 2017, and Larson-Sargsyan, 2021).

Please see here for more information:

European Set Theory Society Panel Discussions

The European Set Theory Society has initiated a series of panel discussions with prominent set theorists that will take place around four times per year. The discussions will take place online.

Four experts will be invited to describe the general area they represent, explain where the area is heading and discuss how it relates to other areas of set theory and mathematics.

The kick-off event will take place at 17:00-19:00 CEST on Thursday, 27 October 2022. The panelists are:

The zoom link for 27 October is:

Meeting-ID: 627 5881 0753, Code: est22

European Set Theory Conference 2022 Resources

The website of the European Set Theory Conference has been re-organized to make it a permanent archive with all relevant info on the event. In particular, the program page now contains links to the slides and the recordings of most of the talks (right below the
name of the corresponding speaker in the table with the schedule). 

One of the pages is dedicated to the award ceremony for the fifth Hausdorff Medal, and it includes the link to the video of the ceremony. 

CMU core model seminar, beginning next week

The online seminar will begin next Tuesday. Please contact Ernest Schimmerling ahead of time to obtain the zoom link.

Below is the announcement for Nam Trang’s first of three or four lectures. After this series, lectures by Sean Cody and Derek Levinson are planned.

TUESDAY, September 13, 2022

Core Model Seminar:  1:30 – 3 PM, Online, Nam Trang, University of North Texas

TITLE:  Core model induction toolbox and examples, part 1

ABSTRACT: We discuss the relevant concepts and tools that go into a core model
induction through L(R) (or more generally through models of the form
Lp^\Sigma(R)). We provide examples (PFA, the existence of an \omega_1-dense
ideal on \omega_1 etc) that illustrate how these concepts are used in practice.

Stuk 8 in Leeds, Friday 16 September

This is a reminder that the next iteration of Set Theory in the UK will be held in person at the University of Leeds on Friday, 16 September 2022. We are pleased to announce that we will have talks by Azul Fatalini, Jan Grebik and Dorottya Sziraki.

During the day there will be an opportunity for people to give minitalks (around 15 minutes). We particularly welcome PhD students and those new to the community to introduce themselves and what they are currently working on. If you are interested in giving such a talk, please contact one of us: Richard Matthews ( or Jiachen Yuan (  At the end of the day there will be a conference dinner. If you would like to join this, please contact one of us so that we can have a rough idea of numbers. We kindly ask that you let us know if you would like to give a talk or join for dinner before Friday, 9 September so that we can plan accordingly.

Please forward this announcement to any students or other people who might be interested in attending.  Please can you also let us know if there is anyone who hasn’t received this email and should be added to our mailing list.

We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting,

Richard Matthews and Jiachen Yuan

5th Hausdorff Medal 2022

The Hausdorff committee unanimously recommended that the 5th Hausdorff Medal 2022  be awarded to David Aspero (University of East Anglia) and Ralf Schindler (University of Münster). The ceremony took place at the European Set Theory Conference in Turin on 29 August 2022.

The medal was awarded for their positive solution to the long standing conjecture. Their proof showed that MM++, a strong form of Martin’s Maximum, implies Woodin’s Axiom (*). This result amalgamates two approaches to understanding the theory of sets of size less than the second uncountable cardinal. The outcome shows that determinacy approaches are intimately connected with those of forcing axioms, and unifies our two most important ways of thinking about sets in this area.

The committee therefore cited the following paper for its fundamental contribution:

–  David Asperó and Ralf Schindler: Martin’s Maximum++ implies Woodin’s Axiom (*), Annals of Mathematics 193 (3) (2021), pp. 793-835.

Philip Welch, President of the European Set Theory Society

The ceremony on 29th August, 2022 included a laudatio by Grigor Sargsyan and talks by the medal winners:
Video of the ceremony
Slides of Ralf Schindler’s talk
Slides of David Aspero’s talk

The Hausdorff medal was designed by Maria Clara Cortés, professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

David Aspero, Ralf Schindler (Photo courtesy of the University of Turin)
David Aspero, Philip Welch, Ralf Schindler (Photo courtesy of the University of Turin)
Philip Welch, David Aspero (Photo courtesy of the University of Turin)
Philip Welch, Ralf Schindler (Photo courtesy of the University of Turin)
Jouko Väänänen, Philip Welch, Vera Fischer, Joan Bagaria, David Aspero, Ralf Schindler, Grigor Sargsyan, Luca Motto Ros (Photo courtesy of the University of Turin)

Online Activities 20-26 December

For a list of talks in the coming weeks, see

Paris-Lyon Séminaire de Logique
Time: Monday, 20 December,15:15 CET
Speaker: Francesco Parente
Title: Combinatorial properties of ultrafilters and their orderings on Boolean algebras
Abstract: In this talk, I shall report on joint work with Jörg Brendle, focusing on the combinatorial properties of ultrafilters on Boolean algebras in relation to the Tukey and Rudin-Keisler orderings. First, I aim to introduce the framework of Tukey reducibility and discuss the existence of non-maximal ultrafilters. Furthermore, I shall connect this discussion with a cardinal invariant of Boolean algebras, the ultrafilter number, and sketch consistency results (and open questions) concerning its possible values on Cohen and random algebras. Finally, I will analyse and compare two generalizations of the Rudin-Keisler ordering to ultrafilters on complete Boolean algebras, introducing new techniques to construct incomparable ultrafilters in this setting.
Information: Join via the link on the seminar webpage

Hebrew University-Bar Ilan University Set Theory seminar
Time: Wednesday, 23 December, 14:00-16:00 Israel Time (13:00-15:00 CET)
Speaker: tba
Title: tba
Abstract: tba
Information: Contact Menachem Magidor or Omer Ben-Neria ahead of time for the seminar announcement and zoom link.

Lev Bukovsky (1939-2021)

Prof. Dr. Lev Bukovsky, Dr. Sc.
* 09 September 1939
+ 30 November 2021

Lev Bukovsky studied at Comenius University in Bratislava and at the Charles University in Prague. He became a Professor in 1984 and was the Rector of Pavel Jozef Safarik University in Kosice from 1991 to 1996 as well as a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg and the President of the  Slovak Mathematical Society (from 1996 to 2000).

He was known for his work in cardinal arithmetic, applications of set theory in topology, measure theory, and real analysis, and general topology.

His work was not limited to the academic sphere. In 1997, he was awarded the City of Kosice Prize for his contribution to consolidating democracy in Slovakia; in 2004, he received Award of the President of the Kosice Self-Governing Region for his contributions to the development of the region.