A tenure track position in logic at the University of Torino

There is an opening for a tenure track researcher position (evolving into a permanent professorship) in mathematical logic in Torino University.
This is officially called RTD-B MAT/01 position.
The deadline for applications is set for the 5th September 2018. Details on
how to apply can be found here:

Alessandro Andretta
Luca Motto Ros
Matteo Viale


Petr Simon (1944-2018)

With profound sorrow we inform the community that Prof. Petr Simon passed away on April 14th, 2018.

Petr Simon completed his studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague in 1967 and joined the faculty of the university soon thereafter to stay there as a professor and researcher for the rest of his life.

His main research interests lied in Topology following in the footsteps of a strong school of Czech topologists such as Eduard Čech, Zdeněk Frolík and Miroslav Katětov. He also actively participated in the emerging Prague Set Theory Seminar of Petr Vopěnka. Eventually, he would, together with Bohuslav Balcar, create and lead the influential Seminář z počtů (Seminar on Reckoning) which  focused on infinite combinatorics and its applications which ranged from Set theory, Theory of Boolean algebras to Topology, measure theory, and Real and Functional analysis. Together with Balcar he also continued the tradition of Frolík and Čech by organizing the yearly Winter School in Abstract Analysis and every five years the Prague Topological Symposium. He was also involved in the INFTY network project in 2009–2014.

He has published more than 70 research articles, was a member of the editorial board of Topology and its Applications, and the managing editor of Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica, participated in the elaboration of the Handbook of Boolean Algebras, and Recent Progress in General Topology III.

His main research contributions dealt with applications of basic combinatorial objects such as almost disjoint and independent families, and ultrafilters (“the most beautiful things there are”, as he used to say) to Topology and the Theory of Boolean algebras. 

Michael Hrusak

‘Master in Pure and Applied Logic’ programme Barcelona

Dear all,

The biannual two-year ‘Master in Pure and Applied Logic’ programme for 2018-2020, jointly organized by the University of Barcelona and by the Polytechnical University of Catalunya, is still having a few vacancies and open for registration.

The Barcelona Logic Master caters in the most central aspects of advanced logic. Professors related to the Barcelona Master in Pure and Applied Logic come from various prominent Universities and Research Institutes in the area of Barcelona.

As a novelty to next-year’s edition we offer two Best Student Stipends of one-thousand euros each to be awarded by the end of the academic year 2018-2019/beginning of the next academic year.

Interested students can find more information at
Questions or inquiries relating to the master can be sent to Ramon
Jansana: jansana@ub.edu<mailto:jansana@ub.edu>.

With kind regards,

Joost J. Joosten
Department of Philosophy
C. Montalegre 6
08001 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Office phone: +34 9340 37984

Solomon Bublick Award 2018

We are happy to announce that Menachem Magidor has been awarded the Solomon Bublick Award for 2018.

The Solomon Bublick Award (Solomon Bublick Public Service Award or Solomon Bublick Prize) is an award made by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to a person who has made an important contribution to the advancement and development of the State of Israel.

The HUJI math department has posted an announcement of the award.


Descriptive Set Theory Day in Turin

*Descriptive Set Theory Day in Turin*

Date and place: June 12th, 2018 – Torino (Italy)

Speakers: Gianluca Basso (Turin and Lausanne), Gianluca Paolini (Jerusalem), Marcin Sabok (Montreal), S?awomir Solecki (Ithaca, NY), Anush Tserunyan (Urbana-Champaign, IL)

Website: http://logicatorino.altervista.org/workshop120618/index.php

In both cases the participation is free, but please write an e-mail to luca.mottoros@unito.it if you intend to come (we need a rough estimate on the number of participants).

Best regards,
Luca Motto Ros (on behalf of the organizers)

Wadge Theory and Automata II, Torino

We are happy to announce that the Department of Mathematics of the University of Turin will host the following two 1-day workshops in logic.

*Workshop on Wadge Theory and Automata II*

Date and place: June 8th, 2018 – Torino (Italy)

Speakers: Jacques Duparc (Lausanne), Olivier Finkel (Paris), Matteo Mio (Lyon), Michal Skrzypczak (Warsaw), Louis Vuilleumier (Lausanne)