Oberwolfach Prize 2016 – call for nominations

Oberwolfach Prize 2016 in Discrete Mathematics *Call for nominations*

The Board of Trustees of the ESTS is expecting suggestions for the nomination by August 1, to the President of the ESTS, István Juhász, at juhasz.istvan@renyi.mta.hu.

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a call for nominations: The
Oberwolfach Foundation awards in cooperation with the Mathematisches
Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach a prize for excellent achievements in
*Discrete Mathematics*. This also includes Logic and Theoretical Computer

The prize amounts to Euro 10.000. Candidates should be mathematicians with
Ph.D./Dr. degree received not more than 10 years ago and must be nominated.
Proposals should contain a description of the scientific achievements,
curriculum vitae and publication list of the candidate.

We request all senior scientists in Discrete Mathematics, Logic or
Theoretical Computer Science to make proposals before September 1st, 2016,
preferably by email to:

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Huisken
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach gGmbH
Schwarzwaldstrasse 9-11
77709 Oberwolfach-Walke

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Stephan Klaus

Prof. Dr. Stephan Klaus
Scientific Administrator of the MFO
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach gGmbH (MFO)
Schwarzwaldstrasse 9-11
D-77709 Oberwolfach-Walke

Tel/Fax: +49 (0)7834 979 51/55
Email:   klaus@mfo.de
URL:     www.mfo.de

Position in logic in Pisa

The Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) invites expressions of interest from qualified academics in the field of Logic, and announces the possible opening of one position in its Classe di Scienze Umane at the full professor level.

SNS seeks candidates with a proven record of achievements in logic and a high international profile. Applicants should have a strong interest in the philosophical aspects of logic and in the philosophy of mathematics, so as to integrate their own teaching with Philosophy and History of Philosophy courses offered at the Scuola.

The Scuola Normale is seeking candidates with documented experience with clear potential to promote and direct research activities and with a specific interest in teaching at pre- and post-degree levels to a small set of highly selected students.

Knowledge of the Italian language is appreciated.

As a result of this enquiry, SNS will decide whether or not to fill this teaching position, and what type of contract to offer or procedure to activate.

Expressions of interest  should be addressed to

Preside della Classe di Scienze Umane
Scuola Normale Superiore
Piazza Cavalieri 7
I-56126 Pisa

or email applications are welcome to the address classi@sns.it, writing EOI/LOG in the subject field.

Deadline for the receipt of applications: May 31, 2016

Applications should include a CV, all relevant information about the applicant and his/her current research interests.

Upcoming conferences in set theory

April 9 Appalachian Set Theory workshop: Itay Neeman

May 9–11 PhDs in Logic VIII, Darmstadt

May 12-13 New York Graduate Student Logic Conference

May 23-26 ASL North American Annual Meeting, Storrs, Connecticut

June 13-17 9th Young Set Theory Workshop, Copenhagen

June 15-16 Boise extravaganza in set theory (BEST), San Diego

June 20-23 Conference in Set Theory and General Topology (SETTOP), Novi Sad

July 12–17 Set Theoretic Pluralism Symposium, University of Aberdeen

July 18-22 IMPAN conference: Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators, Bedlewo

July 18July 29 Core model induction and HOD mice, Irvine 

July 25-29 Twelth symposium on general topology (TOPOSYM), Prague

July 18-22 7th European congress of mathematics, Berlin

July 18-23 FOMUS – Foundations of Mathematics: Univalent Foundations and Set Theory – What are Criteria for Suitable Foundations of Mathematics? Bielefeld

July 31-August 6 Logic Colloquium, Leeds

September 10-12 Colloquium Logicum, Hamburg

September 19-23 Advanced course on large cardinals an strong logics, CRM Bellaterra

September 21 Bonn Set Theory Workshop: Generalised Baire spaces

September 26-30, 2016 Workshop on Set-theoretical Aspects of the Model Theory of Strong Logics, CRM Bellaterra

November 14-16, 2016 Workshop on the applications of strong logics in other areas of mathematics, CRM Bellaterra

Research program: Large Cardinals and Strong Logics

The research program on Large Cardinals and Strong Logics will take place at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, September 5–December 16, 2016.

Many natural mathematical concepts cannot be expressed in first-order logic but need stronger logics. Among such concepts are the freeness of a group, separability of a space, completeness of an order, etc. This led to the introduction of the concept of a generalized quantifier, which made it possible to compare model-theoretic and set-theoretic definability of various mathematical concepts. It turned out that there is a close connection between the two.

By a strong logic we mean model-theoretically defined extensions of first-order logic, such as first-order logic with generalized quantifiers, infinitary logics, second-order logic, as well as higher-order logics. The study of strong logics runs immediately into questions that depend essentially on set-theoretical assumptions beyond the standard ZFC axioms, such as infinitary combinatorial principles and the existence of large cardinals. It is therefore crucial to be able to pinpoint the position of a given strong logic in the set-theoretical definability hierarchy, thus helping us understand better the set-theoretical nature of the logic, and therefore of the mathematical notions it can express.

This program will bring to the CRM​ a diverse group of international high-level researchers working in strong logics, large cardinals, the foundations of set theory, and the applications of set-theoretical methods in other areas of mathematics, such as algebra, set-theoretical topology, category theory, algebraic topology, homotopy theory, C*-algebras, measure theory, etc. In all these areas there are not only direct set-theoretical applications but also new results and methods, which are amenable to the expressive power of strong logics.

The Scientific Committee includes: J. Bagaria, M. Magidor, and J. Väänänen.

For further information, visit the webpage http://www.crm.cat/en/Activities/Curs_2016-2017/Pages/IRP-Large-Cardinals-and-Strong-Logics.aspx

Transfinite methods in Banach spaces

We are pleased to announce that registration has now opened for the conference “Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators”, to be held in Bedlewo, Poland, 18-22 July 2016.

To register, please go to the conference webpage and follow the links https://www.impan.pl/~set_theory/Banach2016/. There is a registration fee of 900PLN (approx. €210), which includes room and full board for the duration of the conference.

Important dates:

15 April: deadline for graduate students to apply for financial support to cover their local expenses (see the webpage for full details);

31 May: registration to the conference closes (may happen earlier, if all rooms at the conference centre fill up);

24 June : deadline for submission of abstracts of contributed talks.

The main speakers are: Tristan Bice (Salvador), Christina Brech (São Paulo), Yemon Choi (tbc)(Lancaster), Marek Cuth (Prague), Garth Dales (Lancaster), Alan Dow (North Carolina), Valentin Ferenczi (São Paulo), Joanna Garbulińska (Kielce), Gilles Godefroy (CNRS), Bill Johnson (tbc) (Texas A&M), Tomasz Kochanek (IM PAN, Warsaw), Jordi Lopez-Abad (ICMAT Madrid), Pavlos Motakis (Texas A&M), Grzegorz Plebanek (Wrocław), Thomas Schlumprecht (Texas A&M), David Sherman (tbc)(Virginia), Jesus Suarez (Caceres), Stevo Todorcevic (CNRS, Toronto).

Best regards, the organizers (Antonio Aviles, Piotr Koszmider, Niels Laustsen)

Italian grant for young researchers

There is a program in Italy to hire in an Italian university of their choice young researchers (of any nationality) with a position which (after three years) can evolve into that of an associate professor. The program is very competitive (24 positions per year in all academic fields) and is reserved to researchers who have spent the last three years in research positions out of Italy. However in the past editions two logicians won one of these grants (Motto Ros and Dimonte), so there is room for logicians to find their way to success.

The relevant webpages for the call are http://cervelli.cineca.it/ProgGiovRic/dm281215_962_english_version.pdf and http://cervelli.cineca.it.

Foundations of Mathematics: Univalent Foundations and Set Theory

FOMUS – Foundations of Mathematics: Univalent Foundations and Set Theory – What are Criteria for Suitable Foundations of Mathematics?
Bielefeld, Germany | July 18-23, 2016

It is our pleasure to announce the forthcoming workshop titled “FOMUS – Foundations of Mathematics: Univalent Foundations and Set Theory”, to be held at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Bielefeld University from the 18th to the 23rd of July. At this conference approximately 80 graduate students, junior researchers and leading experts will gather in order to investigate and discuss suitable foundations for mathematics and their qualifying criteria, with an emphasis on Homotopy Type Theory/Univalent Foundations and Set Theory. This interdisciplinary workshop, designed as a hybrid between summer school and research conference, is aimed at students and researchers from the fields of mathematics, philosophy and computer science.

Peter Aczel (University of Manchester, UK)
Benedikt Ahrens (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA)
Thorsten Altenkirch (University of Nottingham, UK)
Steve Awodey (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Marc Bezem (Universitetet i Bergen, Norway)
Stefania Centrone (Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and Universität Hamburg, Germany)
Joel D. Hamkins (City University of New York, USA)
James Ladyman (University of Bristol, UK)
Mary Leng (University of York, UK)
Benedikt Löwe (Universität Hamburg, Germany and Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands) [TBC]
Andrew Pitts (University of Cambridge, UK)
Bas Spitters (Aarhus University, Denmark) [TBC]
Thomas Streicher (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Claudio Ternullo (University of Vienna, Austria)
Vladimir Voevodsky (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA)
more TBA

Deadline for registration: 30th of April
For information regarding registration see http://www.fomus.weebly.com/registration

Preliminary Programme:
Can be found here: http://www.fomus.weebly.com/programme

Financially Supported by: Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), Association of German Mathematicians (DMV), Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), Center of Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Fachbereich Grundlagen der Informatik of the German Informatics Society (GI), German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP), more TBA

Organisers: Balthasar Grabmayr, Deborah Kant, Lukas Kühne, Deniz Sarikaya

Web: http://www.fomus.weebly.com
Mail: fomus2016@gmail.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.